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“Meet The Skeptics” is a Podcast interview show. Episodes are usually between 30 - 45 minutes. Each episode is an interview with a Skeptic from some corner of the Skeptisphere (Skeptiverse?). My hope is to not only shed light on some people you may have already heard of, but to similarly introduce you to people you might never have known about.

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Brian Dunning
Jay Novella
Jamy Ian Swiss
Donna Mugavero
Jennifer Michael Hecht
Derek Colanduno
Andrew Mayne
Milton Mermikides
Sid Rodrigues
Steve Thoms
Mike Meraz
Ben Radford
Arthur Benjamin
David Orr
Michael Blanfordhttp://www.randi.orgshapeimage_29_link_0
Eugenie Scott
Jason Brown
James Randihttp://www.randi.orgshapeimage_32_link_0
Daniel Loxton
Travis Roy
Jim Fitzsimons
Tim Farley
Richard Saunders
Kylie Sturgess
Mark Edward
Ashley Paramore

The Cloud of Skepticism (Show Guests)

Jeff Wagg
Brian Gregory
Paul Provenza
Donald Prothero
Emery Emery
John Renniehttp://www.johnrennie.netshapeimage_46_link_0